Information to the police

December 2009


At begin 2010 Rector Magnificus Jacob Fokkema from TU Delft and Shell chief Jeroen van der Veer retire on

pension.  Therefore their long time activitities are appraised now from many sides. So from us:


We have informed the police and have accused both gentlemen of 10 crimes (6 - 10 are named farer below)

1. corruption, van der Veer active corruption, Fokkema passive corruption,

2. suppression of clean energy technologies, 

3. cheating, lieing, hushing up, distortion, perversion, with the result many billion Euro damage for the society,

4. theft, robbery of patents, indirect by agents,

5. Fokkema is also charged with abuse of power.


The suppress activities are running since long time. This is an attempt to use the criminal law in order to dam and to stop these processes.


VROM-Minister Jacquelien Cramer said on 11.12.2009 in the TV-broadcast Pauw & Witteman, that the oil-industry and the coal-industry and their agents are doing a lot to hinder and to suppress clean-energy-projects with great potential in order to be able to continue with their big turnovers and big profits by selling dirty energy: a damage for the environment, a damage for the climate. When a minister is saying it already, then we are, looking on the content of our statement, in each case in good nabourhood. When an honest minister has not enough power to better the situation, he /she should get support from groups within the society. That is crucial. 


The form of our comment, information to the police, lets see, that we want a criminal law investigation, in order to fix, if hard crimes have been committed by Van der Veer from Shell and by Fokkema. Fokkema can be seen as an agent of connections in energy firms a) because he made traitorous statements several times and still more, b) because he did not use big chances. Suppressing and hushing up he did nothing, where he, as possesor of the high office, had to take positive decisions in order to realize catchable profit for the society, which is paying him.

Looking on the power position of the two gentlemen it is clear that we must come with hard proofs of crimes for a success chance of our information.


The list of committed crimes can still be extended by  6. claim and collect usury prices, because :

who as big company S with power suppresses and suffocates the cheaper and beter and innovative competitor T  by threatening with disadvantages against the companies U, V, W, if they support T and cooperate with T , as the company Shell was and is doing systematically :      is an usuror.  

Shell is collecting billions of Euro too much, because the competitor is stifled and the clients cannot choose.


The list of committed crimes can still be extended by  7. kill people on big scale and  8. destroy worths on big scale,  7. and 8. indirect, because 7. and 8. are the effects of provoked and avoidable environment damage and climate attack by combustion of fossil fuels in unnessary large quantities, and this again is the effect of stifling effective clean-energy-technologies systematically and consciously.  Here we encounter environment crimes with deadly effects on big scale.


Who kills one person, lands for many years in the prison. Who has killed 1000 persons, but indirectly, and continues killing  1000 more each year, is praised as great manager and enterpreneur, as Van der Veer? Short ago under leadership of J. van der Veer Shell has well confessed guilt indirectly for directly killing 8 persons, who protested against environment pollution by Shell.  Shell confessed guilt by paying  15.5. million $, peanuts, in order to avert sentence by an US-judge. That was no sentence according to the criminal law. We want sentence according to the criminal law of Van der Veer because of his crimes 7. en 8. here in the Netherlands. This time he should not wind out by paying with peanuts.


It is no secret that Shell has great influence in the TU Delft. Each second docent, with whom you speak, confirms that Shell finances many TU-projects, and some people add unaskedly, that via its agents Shell is misusing influence and power to stifle unwanted projects.


With such pronouncements there is enough suspicion to start an investigation in stifling of projects, and if there are between the stifled projects such projects, the suppression of which means big damage for the society, the investigation has to get the form of a criminal law investigation.


Indeed, there is a Clean-Energy-Project, which is developed in cooperation with the TU Delft, o.a. shown by an official second opinion of the TU over the project, which is hard suppressed since the threat of SenterNovem and behind it Shell and other interest groups, to cancel many millions support for other TU-projects, if the TU continues to cooperate and if the TU underlines  the potential of the found solution by still more positive pronouncements (Proof: testimony of Prof. Van Kuik and Dr. Sander Mertens, earlier “Instituut voor Windenergie, TU Delft”, and ing. J.L.’t Hooft as a player at the side of SenterNovem). This project is the EnergyBird-Project, developed by my company TOPtech Energie.


I had a lot of open conversations with teachers of the TU. Friendly criticism of TU-docents has contributed to a range of constructions, which converged into the surprising energybird-solution. With help of this totally new type windmill windpower can now be used for energy production on really large scale.


The potential of the new system to produce clean energy for the whole of the Netherlands was confirmed by innovation prices and by letters from top-engeneers of big companies. The untill then unknown large quantities of clean energy now accessible were precisely calculated. 


The provable potency of the new system was the reason for the concrete threat of the agents of the oil-industry. Dr. Mertens, who had written the first second opinion, received a prohibition from SenterNovem and from his chief, to write a still much better second opinion, after a big jump in regard to efficiëncy half a year later: after improvement of the systeem: 3 times more power and energy gain by a variation in the flypattern of the energybird. Dr. Mertens was very angry, but suited (partly) in the prohibition.


After the threat of SenterNovem the top of the TU Delft and other top functionaries in the power system chose for a politics of hushing up. With fine TU-members i had still conversations, but only privately. Officially the project did not exist any more. Fokkema, by me several times personally addressed and asked to support the Energybird-Project with manpower and money to build a big prototype, had a standard answer: “The TU has no money” and, each time, went off immediately after this pronouncement. Letters to him (and to other members of the TU-management) remained without answer.


The borrel-story: During a meeting after a symposium Fokkema had drunk one glas of wine too much. Im Wein liegt Wahrheit!  By accident we met each other in the crowd. “Natürlich kennen wir Ihr Projekt, Herr Niessen” he addressed me in German language, „aber wir sind dagegen. Wir haben Einwände!“  „Wer ist  w i r “ , i asked back, „und welche Einwände haben Sie?“  Then it deemed to Fokkema, that he had said too much: He turned round and ran away, talking then 3 tables farer with other people.


He is against the Clean-Energy-Project of TOPtech, which has the potential to produce enough clean energy for the whole of the Netherlands. A TU has the duty to test such visible potential immediately in the hard reality. For the society is hungry  in regard to clean energy. Big worths are destroyed and a lot of people die, because nearly alone dirty energy is available and nearly no clean energy  (zie 7.+8.). What did Fokkema? Nothing! Suppression, hushing up. In special situations, when he encounters difficulties to silence the project (in discussions f.i.), he chooses for telling lies and talking it bad:


On the Dies Natalies-day 2008 of the TU Fokkema said in a discussion in the public, before 200 people, therefore provable, and it stood later in the students newspaper “DELTA”, that he is against. His reasoning for his  “No” was so crazy that the 200 people started laughing spontanously:  “The Energybird will cause a famine, because he brakes the winds. Then the plants on the ground are no longer pollinated: No food, thus starvation!” he said. That is clear nonsense. Nevertheless, in this pronouncement we find elements, which ask for more investigation. Why, is the question, why Fokkema draws so strange connections? Why a famine is playing in his head? Please note also: His statement includes, that the Energybird-windmill works.  It works, he knows it and he is against. Three confessions together!


With this pronouncement is proved, that he is against. And that he is looking for artificial justification and that he doesn’t want to name the real reasons for his antiwork. Billions of damage for the society - environment, climate. The agent of Shell continues suppression, where he with the TU can create a break-through. The TU has 1600 persons under contract, half of whom skilled scientists and engeneers. He can lead them. It does not even cost much many. The gain can be enormous. But Fokkema does not take action. He is against. Abuse of power by order of unnamed powers.. Shell and connections behind. For other crimes Shell has already confessed guilt by paying  15.5mlj.$. When does the confession of guilt from Shell and his agents come here?


In 8/2009 was an EU– environment conference in de TU Delft. TOPtech has spread 1000 folders with Energybird-information. During three days also all cars round the TU were decorated with our flyers .


In 10/2009, 2 months later, the top of the TU Delft has founded the “Energy Club”, together with students and companies. 400 persons came together. TOPtech was not informed and not invited. And none of the invited speakers said a single word over the first clean-energy-project, that can contribute substantially to satisfy the clean energie need of the world. Here too hushing up was the chosen strategy. They refused officially to note, that the energybird-technology exists. A parade example, a show-pupil, how the powersystem uses to manipulate and to betray the people (the people always suppose to get full information from the top functionaries).

Together with 10 other persons the top-functionary of the TU Delft, Fokkema, was sitting on the podest in front of the 400 people. During the discussion, when i got the microphone, i told the people, that we have developed an energy solution, the Energybird-system. Then i addressed Fokkema and said, that he is silencing and suppressing solutions with potential consciously. And then i told the people the borrel-story.  Fokkema, taken by surprise, draw a slanting face and did not say a word. 400 persons were witnesses. Who stays silent confesses! His proven silence can be seen as a sign, that under four eyes he has said : “We are against the Energybird-Project”, in knowledge of the second opinion of the TU, that the system works and that it has a great potential for clean energy.

So far the proofs for the information against Fokkema: Generation of big damage for the society by suppression of new technology, by corruption and abuse of power, with the effects of destroying and killing on large scale.


To Shell chief Jeroen van der Veer we have sent letters with Energybird-information several times. Normally the answer of Shell is: silence. One time we had offered to Shell the patent rights for the USA. Then they returned an email: “Not interested.”   During an innovation contest about 25.000 Euro and the honour a coach of Shell, Mister Van Kooien, offered to “help” us. Behind our back he did everything, that we – short after the victory at the intern. DSM innovation contest - didn’t get the second big price. A successful acheming. Sabotage.

Point 4 of the information, theft of patents  i.r.t.  2 basis-innovations, we present in this link .


Early in the 90s an intermediair of  Shell (and NUON and  RWE) tried to buy our system. He offered 1 million Euro. We said  “no”. Later the same person threatened us: “Even if you will have a bit of success with your Energybird-system, a lot of bears and lions will still cross your way!”. The visiting-card of this man is in our possess.


Earlier, during the negociations, we talked with this person many hours. Thereby i could observe, that he was in the grip of a certain disease, without doubt:  He experiences - and he confessed this also - pleasure when seeing pain and damage. Then he has to laugh loud. He loves very much his friends, who, by the same disease (the laugh-disease), by economical interests and by intelligence bound together, form a big “club of friends”.  Together the intelligent friends – so he is thinking – are stronger than the rest of the world.  “We are the stronger party!” and “I want to belong to the stronger party!” he said several times.


Very early persons with the laugh-disease, which is known since thousands of years, learn to hide their pleasure in pain and damage of others. For they are punished hard, if they show their pleasure. Thus they use to hide the pleasure. Therefore normale people don’t see it. Normal people don’t have an idea, how often this disease occurs. Especially they don’t have an idea that the nearly  unrecognizable persons with the laugh-disease are united in a strong organization: the big “club of friends”. 


Now i want to come back to the strange connections of Fokkema and his hint on a coming famine. And i will deal with the question, if Fokkema belongs to the sick “club of friends”.  Here I can already anticipate: the answer is: yes. Now the proofs! Not recognized by most of the citizens intelligent patients protrude into the highest power positions.


When in a densely populated country all important large food sources are annihilated by surprise and the country is sealed off by military, then all people in its limits will die from starvation within short, they may count 1 million, 10 million, 100 million or more. So an artificial famine can be created to let all people die parallelely, without more violence, without more efforts.


Question  1: Has  this strategy of warefar  /terrorisme already be tested earlier?  When, where, how many victims?

Question  2: Do plans exist to apply this strategy in the future? When, where, how many victims are planned?


This strategy was thought out by Henry Morgenthau, (see photo right up), minister of finance in the government of US-president Roosevelt (see photo right below) between 1934 and 1945.  “The Morgenthau-Plan” got its name from him.


Answer to question  1:  Yes.

When?   After the official end of  WW2, after May 1945 until 1950

Where? Germany and Austria

How many victims? Between 7.2 million and 15 million people. Because of camouflage of the killing activities a series of data are uncertain: the estimates diverge.  The most certain numbers are from the scientist and journalist James Bacque, Cananda, who has studied over years all important information sources. He has written a series of books, o.a  “The planned death”,  which caused turbulences  in USA and Canada, but stayed nearly unknown in Europa, the hidden zone. These books and their content are by the European massmedia, overruled by whom?, hushed up until now.

Note, that between 1939 and May 1945, during the war, 3 million German soldiers died and 1 million civilists, together 4 million  — and that “after” the war until 1950 at least 7 million, the double, or 4 times more, 15 million were killed as result of the Morgenthau-Plan.


In a meeting of his cabinet Roosevelt has said: “I will and i cannot exclude, that i shall extinguish the Germans!” He supported his minister Morgenthau. Everything was prepared to set the Morgenthau-Plan into power after the disarmement of all Germans. Other documents disclose that the Polians and the Belgianss and the people of the Netherlands should also be killed, should die from starvation. About 200 million people in Central - Europe. The Club of Friends had its own plans to use the subcontinent.


Germany was altimes able to produce 85% of the food necessary on its own territory, also in the war and after the war. But then, after May 45, after the disarmement, all large food production and food conservation installations were destroyed or set out of function by the foreign army. The tractors of the farmers could not work, because they didn’t get diesel-oil Therefore no harvest. The hunger came near. “In the eyes of the world the famine should like real” belonged to the first Morgenthau-plan of the sick “Club of friends”.  

All big cities in Germany were sealed off by military. Nobody was allowed to leave. No food of farmers might be broughed. Allone the victors delivered a bit of food. The quantities became altimes smaller. Many children and many women died from starvation. The men were sitting far away in the warprison camps for years, so that they could not protect their wifes and their children. And Eisenhower let also 1.7 million war prisonners under his command die from starvation, behind walls of camouflage.


1945 Roosevelt died, who was until then the leader of the sick “Club of Friends”. What the USA and the world didn’t know. The name of the person leading the group of intelligent friends is altimes kept as a secret. Until today.

The next president, Truman, was a sane man. He encountered many difficulties to stop the operation already running. Intelligent counterwork of the camouflied sick groep on all fronts. But with the help of Herbert Hoover, USA-president from 1928 -1933, he succeeded at last. Too late for 7 until 15 million, already dead from starvation in Germany and Austria. However, 200 miljoen people in Europa, the Polians, the Belgians and the Netherlanders included, standing all on the plan of extirpation of the sick “Club of Friends”, were saved.


My family nearly died from starvation. We were scarcely saved. Many others in our neighbourhood, with us sealed off in the big city Essen in Germany, were less happy. They died from hunger. However, we had no idea of the extent of the dieing, because of secrecy by the press. The newspapers were lieing, overruled by the sick “Club of Friends”. The knowledge came much later via the discoveries of  James Bacque.


Thus, i have personal experience with the Morgenthau-Plan of 1945. I have precisely studied this disease, 98% of which is invisible for normal eyes. I know that the sick  persons are able to do the most terrible things.


The sick group has never been unmasked openly. This is happening via Internet and via a series of books on small scale and unsufficiently. The sicks of the sick group have never been punished for their crimes. They were never systematically banned from power functies. On the contrary: they and their also sick off-spring  – the disease is hereditary - are sitting now in more power positions than ever before. Due to their intelligence and their networking they don’t have too much difficulties to get there. The concentration and power of these unrecognizable groups of sick people is growing.


The questian is:

Question  2  :  Are there plans to apply the Morgenthau-strategy in the future a second time? When, where, how many victims are planned?


The answer on question 2 is: yes.

When?  Before witnesses Fokkema has made statements to the point:  Within some years!

Application where?  Worldwide.

“The Planned Death”, second try: How many victims are planned this time? This time the sick group of friends has layed the  measurestock higher: At least 3 billion. Other insiders are speaking of 5 - 6 billion, who should be brought to death. Within the sick group of friends, comprising about  4% of the world population, ca. 250 million sick persons,  the opinions can diverge. More than an army of slaves, selected to work for the friends, should not survive. The blow against the “stupid cattle” – in such terms the intelligent friends are talking with each other – will come suddenly, suddenly as a tsunami, and so destructive as a tsunami.


“When does it come, the blow?” is now the question, if the statements out of the club of friends are correctly passed through. How far are the preparations? When the leaders of the group of sicks believe to can attack successfully?  On this question Fokkema gave this answer, openly in front of 30 witnesses: “Ik zal het nog mee maken!” (“I shall still live to see the day!”) he said with visible gladness several times. He is 65. Thus in about 5 years.


Within a lecture series was Fokkema (see photo right) speaking over WW1 and WW2. Suddenly he said: “Er zal weer een grote oorlog komen. En wij mogen dat nog meemaken”. (“A great war will come again. And we may see the day!”) Softenedly first. His talk partner, Dr. Coen Vermeeren (see photo right below), geared in: “Gaan wij dit nog mee maken?” (“Shall we still see the day?”) “Ja, wij gaan dit nog mee maken!” (“Yes, we shall see the day”) Fokkema repeated with clear gladness. Vermeeren returned the same sentence with th same joy.  “Ja, wij gaan dit nog mee maken!” (“Yes, we shall see the day”). And then again Fokkema, then again Vermeeren. They became drunk by sick gladness, lost controle and repeated this sentence again and again and forgot the public and forgot the videocamera, running as altimes during “studium generale”-lectures.

I was one of the 30 witnesses of this ghostly happening: two insiders, showing their knowledge over secrete far advanced war preparations.

And the videocamera was witness. However, during several days the podium-talk was not published, against the habit. And later well. But then was cut out just the piece with the joyfull anouncement of a big war coming soon.

(See , video: “Jacob Fokkema, geïnterviewd door Coen Vermeeren” , deel 2)


What is proven by the disappearence of this content? It proves, that something is special with this anouncement, first. Second  proves it, that something is special with these two gentlemen, who, surprised by very strong sick emotions, lost controle and cousciousness. It is a hint on the geeat probability, that they have insight in a coming big scale terror attack on the society and that they want to hide that.  And that they are members of a terror group, of a club of dangerously sick persons: the sick Club of Friends, which in the time coming probably will try to disturb and to destruct the food chains  - destruction is altimes very simple -  in order to let nations, which are not aware of the danger  “the new Morgenthau-Plan”, die from starvation.


Thus addition to the information also still  9. “membership in a terror group” and  10. “preparation of a terror attack”, which is not only an issue for the public prosecutor, but also for the de Nationaal Coördinator Terrorismebestrijding, drs E.S.M. Akerboom.


What a normal person, sound in body and mind,  cannot even think, persons with a disease in the brain can not only think this out, but also execute it. Therefore speedy action is necessary.


At last still a short calculation, how quick the worldpopulation, after the death of 6 billion persons, is back from 250 million (= the club of sick friends) to 6 billion, if each couple gets 6 children:


250 million   >  750 million  >  2.250 million     >  6.750 million

After 3 generations the population density is restored.


The population will have then a higher average intelligence, but all persons are sick, because the laugh-disease is given  through via gene-defect in the damage pleasure gêne.


Why persons with the laugh-disease are more intelligent than others in average? Now, the combination laugh-disease and  dullness has been mendeled out in the past. Stupid sick persons, who clearly showed their gladness over pain and damage of others, were often bet dead already at low age.  Over stayed, altimes cleverer, sick persons, less cognizable, who could hide their pleasure better. Selection thus! So you can see, that problem solution by violence makes the evil worse. The real solution is healing of this dangerous disease with the help of gene-technology. 



I give this information to the police 1.  personally

and 2.  in the name of my  company TOPtech Energy, which endured big damage by the stifle activities.


This information is published on some websites.   Behind me stands a greater  group of persons.


This is an attempt to use the criminal law to get controle and to dam and to stop the damage processes.

 Naturally our group is also active in the fields of politics. Here we want to hint in short only at two points: 1. We support Minister Cramer and other politicians at the positive side. 2. We developed a strategy to attack politicians and other persons at the negative side by “softprovocation”, what means that we provoke them step by step altimes more to come out of their camouflage, but during these actions remain altimes in the limits of the civil rights and democratic rights, so that they cannot blame us. A big advantage of this approach is, that so the psycho-barriers fall off, which are a product of the education, these automatic respect­feelings before persons in powerpositions and in the government, and that criminal persons in the government can be treated quite normally as criminal persons ,  and sick persons there as sick persons. The government bonus fades off, when softprovocation is used. See also the websites  en


Here, behind this information to the police against power persons, stands softprovocation. That is a background. We use our democratic rights and the means and institutions of the law order: the police, the public procecutor, the judge, the new anti-terror-office, to get the ship back on the normal course. If a part of these institutions is still intact, then we shall succeed.


Gunther Niessen

2612 EA Delft, Surstraat 1,

Tel. 06-39 79 6116, ,


P.S. The proceeding of the criminal law investigation is monitored.  If it doesn’t proceed correctly and speedily,

with which we have to count as a possibility, this is made public.  Then a group of advocates comes into action.



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 Innovation, death from starvation, WW3
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of the oppressing sick brotherhood is not helpfull either.


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