Tekstvak: The world according to Fokkema
 Innovation, death from starvation, WW3

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Letters to

to persons and groups with responsibility in the society


Report over clear and unprecedented proofs of a threat to die suddenly, together with millions of others, by an attack out of an unexpected and unknown direction, by an attack from a small group living between us. These nearly unrecognizable persons differ from us only by an invisible gene-defect in their body cells and a perversion in their brains. Their preparations for “Blitzkrieg WW3” ” are far advanced.


We need a gene-test to see the difference, to discover the sick persons. We have to hurry up to isolate and to cure them.






What can you do personally?


1.  You can copy the content of a letter [of a x-info] into your email-box and send the mail to a person or institution you think should be informed. Take action!


2.  Support the efforts to create a gene-test !


     Take action! The unthinkable threat is a real threat !