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                                                                                                                                                                                           20. 1. 2010



Dear Mister Ambassador !


We would like to focus your attention on two points,

the first a very positive point

and the other the opposite: very negative.


Threatening dangers are there to avert them:

A great threat, coming from a rather small group, small but clever and dangerous, can be averted by preparation:  the repetition of an attack, guided by the Morgenthau-strategy. In an earlier attack, 65 years ago, the group tried to kill 200 million people and was stopped in the begin, after having killed about 10 million. The events were widely hushed up. All details below.


Today the group is bigger, has more means, more power and is preparing a new attack with 4-6 billion victims. Earlier they wanted the European continent for themselves. Now they want the globe for themselves. Indeed, if they succeed in destroying the main food chains of the nations by surprise, they could get it. Very soon after such an attack most of the people will die from starvation.

Today most of the people are not aware of the danger and of the evil group behind. They have never spent a thought on defence against such an attack. They have never heard of the “Morgenthau-plan” and “The planned Death”. The masses have very little knowledge of the oiled food chains they depend upon.

In the attachment you can read the story, how we could overhear two insiders, speaking over the attack coming soon.  Read attachment with photos of them!


The positive point can be described in one sentence:  Enough clean energy is possible now and very cheap, with a cost price 1 ct / kWh much cheaper than oil, coal, atom, using a totally new type of windmill. See the film of  this windmill working   on the website !


The two points, positive and negative, are interconnected:

After the development of the new windmill we experienced hard counterwork, unexpected, and didn’t understand, why. Finally, after scientific track tracing, emerged before us a nearly invisible 4%-group, persons in double roles as perfect camouflage: an intelligent and clever 4%-group, wanting the less intelligent 96%-group to disappear from the earth. They don’t want to give the 96%-group more liberty and power by cheap clean energy. A fine and everywhere accessible energy source is helpful to produce food. The Morgenthau-plan could fail. Therefore cheap clean energy has to be stifled and suppressed as far as possible. Therefore the counterwork. The counterwork establishes a track, leading to the 4%-groups and its crimes, the crimes of the past, the crimes of today and the crimes, planned for the future. Please read


Dear ambassador, please inform your government! Each nation is in danger. Work to protect the food chains should begin immediately. Installation of cheap clean energy technology, making your country energy independent, is a part of this work. The better the anti-Morgenthau-protection, the less the probability, that an attack is started.   Development and employment of methods to detect persons with double life easily is part 2 of the work.


This information, result of a long time research, is spread by members of the Kiddds-Network to persons and groups with responsibility for the society.  Awaiting your reaction



Yours truly        Kiddds  and TOPtech Energy



P.S.  We are of opinion, that immediate population balance in each country is a necessity: two-kids-policy, with exceptions. We are of opinion, that the Morgenthau-group (the intelligent 4%-group) has a point when saying that the intelligence in a big part of the 96%-group is low and destructive. A po-licy and still more a cult to privilege and to support people with high intelligence and skills and a good health will result in a gentle positive shift. This is a good thing and should become real.


Mankind, one half of it hampered by dullness, lack of sound judgement, lack of skills,

a part of the second half, though intelligent,  destructively orientated by mental disease, caused by gene-defect, 

both parties together ruining the home base, the planet,

and the rest of the second half with lost control over the hierarchies of power powerless witnesses of the increasing destructions,

is this the picture of mankind at the begin of the 3. millennium?


Has fate condemned us to stay powerless witnesses?

Or has fate given us the order to take back control of the power hierarchies, to establish normality on the planet, our home base, and to find a way into a brighter future?  :   continuation of the discussion. What do we need?